Eyefi Cloud is now Keenai - What does that mean to me?

Eyefi Mobi & Mobi Pro cards can continue to connect to the Keenai applications to transfer photos from the cards to a single device for free, without registering for the Keenai service. Eyefi customers with active Keenai accounts won’t experience any changes to their paid or trial service.

If you would like to sync your photos from one device to another device, Keenai provides this service and requires a membership. Without Keenai, images transferred from an Eyefi card to the destination device via the Keenai applications will be stored in the original resolution they were transferred in, and will not be synced to any other device.

When you sign up for a Keenai membership all customers get 30 days of trial time, Mobi standard cards get an additional 90 days and Mobi Pro customers receive an additional 365 days. Make sure to take advantage of your free trial membership!

With a Keenai membership, customers can experience the following benefits:

  • Sync your original resolution photos to the cloud and sync back a more friendly resolution to your device, allowing you to free up space and still have your whole collection everywhere you go.
  • Sync your entire collection across all your devices. Access the full resolution photos on the web application, or use the desktop software to backup all your original files on your desktop automatically!
  • Get access to Smart Tags. Keenai’s smart tag system automatically processes your photos as they are synced with the Keenai service, and tags them based on content for easy searching.
  • Learn more about your photo habits with the Discover dashboards. The Discovery panel will help you learn your shooting habits. You can use it to see the times of day you shoot and which apertures, shutter speeds, and shooting modes you use (and more!) so you can see what works and what doesn't in your photographs. 
  • Ever have one of those days where you were at multiple events at the same day? Utilizing the Keenai web application you can split that day into multiple events for easier viewing. You can also merge events for occasions that span multiple days. 
  • A peace of mind knowing that your precious memories are safe and sound within Keenai.

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