Card Overview

With the Eyefi Mobi card, you don’t have to sacrifice convenience for quality. Eyefi Mobi automatically transfers your high-quality photos from your digital camera to your iPhone, iPad, Windows phone or Android device. Eyefi Mobi cards have been integrated with the Keenai service throuhg Ricoh Innovaitons corporation. With Keenai applications and a Keenai membership, you can organize, sync, view, and share your photos privately and securely.

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Transfer photos wirelessly

Wi-Fi technology built right into the Eyefi Mobi card gives you the power to automatically transfer photos as you take them from your digital camera directly to your mobile device. Simply pair your Eyefi Mobi card to your phone or tablet and your Eyefi Mobi card will create its own wireless network to connect directly to your mobile device to transfer photos. Using our Desktop app, you can transfer photos from your camera to your Mac or Windows PC.

Stay organized without any hassle

The Keenai application automatically organizes, groups, and sorts your photos as you take them. Automatic sorting puts photos into groups organized by date and location, and you can also create your own albums to group photos however you want. No sifting through hundreds of photos to find the one you want.

Enjoy your photos everywhere with Keenai

As a Keenai member you can access your photos any time anywhere. Keenai's powerful syncing technology automatically syncs your photos across all your mobile devices as soon as you take them.

Share high-quality photos and send updates automatically

Share your best high quality digital camera shots instantly to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or your favorite social network via your phone or tablet. Keenai members receive the added benefit of secure, private sharing and automatic notifications through the Keenai service.

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