Troubleshoot iPhone and iPad Setup

If you're using a Mobi Pro card, please see the Mobi Pro section for more information on features and settings. These steps are for standard Mobi cards (orange).

Complete the following steps to set up your Eyefi Mobi card:

  1. Install Eyefi card profile
  2. Take a photo
  3. Connect to the card's network
  4. Transfer photos

1. Install Eyefi card profile

Did you install the profile for your Eyefi Mobi card?

iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch require you to install a network profile to allow your Eyefi Mobi card to connect to and transfer information to your device.

To install the profile, simply agree to the prompts:

  1. Tap Install
    (Note: these steps are for iOS 8; if your Apple device uses iOS 7, please tap Install, then tap Install Now).
  2. Enter your phone passcode (if that feature is enabled)
  3. Tap Install.
  4. Tap Install again.
  5. Tap Done in the Profile Installed screen

Why do I need to enter a passcode?

When you set up the Eyefi Mobi app for the first time, you will need to enter your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch passcode. This is a normal requirement for installing a new profile on an Apple device. The passcode is the same code you use to unlock your device, if you enabled that security feature.

2. Take a photo

Is the Eyefi Mobi card in the camera?

Make sure your Eyefi Mobi card is in your camera.

Have you taken any photos yet?

You must take at least one photo during the setup process so your Eyefi Mobi card can connect to your device.

Are you shooting in JPG?

Eyefi Mobi cards only transfer JPG photos.

3. Connect to the card's network

Did your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch connect to your Eyefi Mobi card's Wi-Fi network?

Take a couple of photos so your Eyefi Mobi card can create its own Wi-Fi network; this will only work if you have already installed the Eyefi card profile.

Next, go into Settings and into the Wi-Fi settings. Choose the "Eye-Fi Card XXXXXX" network. It will look something like this:

It may take a minute or so for your Apple device to see the Eye-Fi card network.

Once you have connected to the Eye-Fi card network, go back to the Eyefi Mobi app. Your photos are probably already transferring and you may find yourself in the main view of the app.

NOTE: Once you turn off your camera, the Eye-Fi card network will shut down and your Apple device will automatically reconnect to any previously known networks. If you attempt to transfer photos at a later time, and your Apple device is connected to different network, you will need to manually reconnect to your Eye-Fi card network.

4. Transfer photos

Does your Eyefi Mobi card have power?

Your camera needs to be turned on so your Eyefi Mobi card can transfer photos. You may need to adjust your camera's power-management settings to prevent it from immediately turning off; switch your camera's "Auto Power Off" setting to the longest amount of time possible. This ensures that your Eyefi Mobi card has power when it needs to transfer files.

Make sure your camera stays on until all transfers are complete.

Is your camera close enough to your phone or tablet?

If your Eyefi Mobi card fails to transfer photos, move your camera closer to your phone or tablet. Take several more photos and wait a minute or two to see if the card transfers the new photos.

Are you using a Canon DSLR camera?

Canon DSLRs disable Eyefi card transfers by default, which will prevent your Eyefi Mobi card from transferring photos. Follow the instructions in Enable Wireless Transfers in Canon Cameras to make sure your camera has the "Eye-fi Trans." setting turned on.

Has your camera disabled Eyefi transfers?

Some cameras disable Eyefi card transfer functionality by default, which will prevent your Eyefi Mobi card from transferring photos. Check to see if your camera has disabled your card's Eyefi functionality.

If you have a Nikon camera, please follow the instructions in Enable Wireless Transfers in Nikon Cameras.

Still having trouble?

If you've tried all of the steps above and still cannot get your Eyefi Mobi card to successfully transfer photos, contact Eyefi Customer Care for additional help.

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